Birdstrike Hazard

Birdstrike Hazard – Course Description

During this course you will learn how to deal with birds in aviation, the risks involved and the fatal results of bird strikes. The course includes also a condensed overview about the aircraft certification standards and which measurements can be done to reduce the risk of hitting a bird.

Audience: This course is intended for pilots, dispatcher and maintenance persons.
Duration: 1 hour

Accident Statistics:

● Recent accidents caused by bird strikes
● Details about aircraft type involved
● Fatalities and description.

Case Studies:

● You will learn which effect a bird strike can have in general.

Design Standards Airplane and Turbine Engines:

● You will learn the design standards for Air Transport Aircraft and the limits regarding impact (weight and number of bird)


● You will learn from recent events, what happens if a bird exceeds design standards (airframe, entire aircraft, windshield and empennage).


● You will learn how investigation is performed and collecting data for further prevention of bird strikes.

Bird Characteristic:

● You will learn which species are above design standards and where they are living and how they behave.

Statistic (World and Vienna):

● You will learn about the seasonal and flocking behaviour, bird strikes distribution for the day/month and species.

Counter Actions:

● You will learn how to reduce the risk and results of bird strikes for regulators, airport operators, aircraft operators and flight crews with special emphasis on the importance of kinetic energy as a result of airspeed.


● You will learn which form to be used for reporting a bird strike.

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