CFIT Avoidance

CFIT Avoidance – Course Description

The course is to raise awareness about the critical flight phases approach and landing. It emphasises the need of stabilized approaches and the procedures therefore. The lesson covers situations in good and low visibility.

The lesson contain case studies and items dealing with the CRM-requirements according JAR-OPS 1.965, Item A to G and J to K.

Audience: This course is intended for both experienced and newly qualified pilots.
Duration: 1 hour

Case studies
● DC-8 Quito
● G-2; Quito

Dark Hole Approach
● Cockpit view
● Human factors
● Descend path

● Top 10 Accident Categories
● Consequences of Crew Errors
● Leading CFIT factors

Flight Safety Foundation Checklist
● Risk assessment
● Risk multiplier
● Risk reduction factors

Standard Operating Procedures
● Sterile cockpit
● Plan ahead
● Use of nav-aids

Crew resource management
● Cooperation between the pilots
● Cooperation with ATC

Approach Charts
● Correct interpretation of charts

● Function
● Modes
● Manoeuvres

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