Contingency Procedures

Contingency Procedures – Course Description

The course is to train pilots and dispatchers in applying contingency procedures. The training focuses on the operational possibilities to tap the full potential to perform flight in critical areas within the legal framework.

Audience: This course is intended for pilots and dispatchers.
Duration: 2 hours

● Contingency Procedures
● JAR- and PANS-OPS Abbreviations
● Class A Aircraft

● Legal Background
● Liability of Route-Chart Providers

● ICAO Doc 8168 Pans-Ops
● ICAO Annex 4
● ICAO Annex 6
● JAR-1

Responsibility of the Operator
● Regulations for Obstacle Clearance
● Regulations according PANS-OPS
● Regulations according JAR-OPS 1

Interpretation of Route-Manual
● Required Climb Gradient
● Chart Symbols and Remarks

Aircraft Performance
● Certification Requirements (JAR 25)
● Required Gradients
● Climb Segments
● Variable Factors (temp, bleeds etc.)
● Methods to increase Climb Perf.
● Individual Runway Tables (IRTs)

Design Criteria for Contingency Proc.
● Obstacle Clearance Requirements
● Aircraft Performance
● Aerodrome Obstacle Charts
● Calculation of Gradients

Flight Procedures
● Use of Aircraft Performance Manual
● Application of Contingency Procedures
● Weather Requirements
● Use of Onboard Equipment

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