Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System

EGPWS – Course Description

During this course you will learn about the operation of the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System. The features of Honeywell MKVIII are demonstrated.

All Operators are required to provide suitable training to their crew for the optimum use of EGPWS in avoiding CFIT and Approach and Landing Accidents.

Audience: This course is intended for pilots.

Duration: 3 hours


● Historic review
● CFIT-accident statistic
● Design Philosophy
● Development of (E)GPWS,
● Altitude Awareness
● Equipment versions
● Regulations (JAR-OPS 1.665)
● Definitions
● Case Studies


● Surveillance and terrain avoidance
● Geometric altitude
● Terrain Look Ahead Alerting
● Wind shear detection and alerting
● Alerting Modes and Alert thresholds
● Redundancy
● Alerts (aural / visual)
● Advisory callouts
● Cockpit Contr. (MFD, PFD, WX-Rdr)
● Display Options
● Colour coding on display
● Non-peaks display
● Pop-up function
● Terrain Clearance Floor (TCF)
● Runway Field Clearance Floor
● Aircraft Parameter
● Flap Override
● Aural message priorities
● Nuisance alerts, missed alerts


● Terrain coverage
● obstacles


● AFM-supplement
● Not for navigation
● GPS availability,
● Database coverage

Operating Procedures

● Operating controls
● Display interpretation,
● Inhibits and when they may be used
● Terrain avoidance manoeuvring
● Cautions and warnings
● Crew Responses (JAR-OPS 1.395)
● Crew Coordination

Reporting requirements

● To ATC on RT
● Written reports (when required)

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