Low Visibility Ground Operation

lvisLow Visibility Ground Ops – Course Description

The course is to train pilots in the operation during low visibility. The training focuses on the restricted ability to asses the position and which aids are available to keep safety at the desired level.

Audience: This course is intended for both experienced and newly qualified pilots.

Duration: 1 hour


● Regulations
● Terminology (JAR-OPS 1.435)
● Visibility requirements for CAT-I operators
● TO-RVR Exception (accdg. JAR-OPS 1.430 Appendix 1 item a.4.i.)

Case studies

● Milano (SAS-MD80)
● Singapore (DC-8)
● Taipeh (SQ-B747).
● Paris
● Vienna

Aerodrome Layout

● Ground Installations
● Lightings (CLL, stop bars)
● Markings
● Signs
● Accident prone intersection take-offs.
● Complex taxiway systems
● Publication / NOTAMS
● Risks of runway incursion
● Hot spots

The Human Factor

● Individual Behaviour
● James Reason Risk Model
● Human error, error chain
● Error detection and prevention
● Layers of defence
● Human RVR Observer

Aircraft Environment

● Use of navigation equipment
● Use of heading indicator
● Windshield view

Crew Coordination

● Do’s and Don’ts for pilots during low-visibility conditions.
● Interaction between cockpit procedures and Visual Aids

Search and Rescue

● Restriction because of low-visibility condition

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