Head of Aviation Training Organisation

Capt. Ing. Gerhard Gruber (Managing Director and Head of Training)

Capt. Ing. Gerhard Gruber is a graduate of the technical high-school for precision mechanic in Mödling 1973. His career run parallel on the ground at Vienna International Airport and in the air resulting in outstanding aviation knowledge.

He joined Vienna International Airport in 1974, since 1989 he holds his present job as Manager Airport Operations and Rescue Operations. He is member of the ACI World Operational Safety Subcommittee and is the former chairman fo the ACI Europe Technical and Operational Safety Committee.

Capt. Gruber is an aviator extraordinaire with more than 38 years of expierence in aviation and in excess of 8.000 Flying hours acquired mainly in business jets on worldwide operation.

Mr. Gruber started his flying career in 1970 and is an active Austrian and FAA airline transport pilot, licensed flight dispatcher, JAR-examiner and aircraft accident investigator for the Austrian Ministry of Transport.

He is flight instructor since 1976 and joined commercial aviation in 1984, holding various positions as chief pilot, manager flight operations and Flight Safety Officer.

Mr. Gruber is flying for several air taxi operators and was also a pilot for Lauda-Air Executive, which was the contractor for the Austrian government.

He is a member of the European Advisory Committee of Flight Safety Foundation and a well known speaker on international aviation seminars.

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