ACAS – Operation

ACAS Operation – Course Description

The course is to train pilots in the functions and operation of the advanced alert collision and avoidance system ACAS II / TCAS II. The training focuses on the symbols, aural warnings and procedures, as well as the equipment controls and adjustments of the ACAS system.

Audience: This course is intended for both experienced and newly qualified pilots.
Duration: 4 hours

● ACAS Principles and function
● Legal regulation to install, operate and train ACAS (ICAO, JAA)

● ACAS Components
● Software 6.04, 7.0 (RVSM) and 7.1
● Display, Symbology,
● ACAS Controls and Operations
● ACAS test
● Aural Alerts
● Traffic Advisories (TA) Resolution Advisories (RA)
● New RA
● Change RA
● Range setting (horizontal/vertical)
● ACAS Predictions
● Pilot Actions, reaction time
● Maintain attitude
● Nose up, Nose down
● Transponder requirement

ACAS Situations:
● Climb RA in the landing configuration
● RA in a turn
● Off scale traffic
● No altitude data tag
● No bearing traffic
● ACAS fail message
● Use of TA only mode

Normal Ras:
● Resolution Advisory (RA) Commands
● Climb, Descend, Crossing climb, Crossing descent, Reduce climb, Reduce descent, Monitor vertical speed, Increase climb, Increase descent, Climb now, Descend now

Complex Ras:
● Tas without Ras,
● “Clear of conflict” situations,
● Change Ras

Case Studies:
● – USA
● – Überlingen

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