Approach & Landing Accident Reduction

App/Ldg Accident Reduction – Course Description

The course is to raise awareness about the critical flight phases approach and landing. It emphasises the need of stabilized approaches and the procedures therefore. The lesson covers situations in good and low visibility.

The lesson contain interesting case studies dealing with the CRM-requirements according JAR-OPS 1.965, Item A to G and J to K.

Audience: This course is intended for both experienced and newly qualified pilots.
Duration: 1 hour

Lesson Principle

● Non-blaming policy

Case studies

● C340 – Vienna
● YAK-40 – Vienna
● C550 – Vienna
● LR35 – Tulln
● MD-82 – Little Rock

Human factors

● Elements of Communication
● Need for feed back
● Decision making.
● Error chain
● Workload management


● Investigation results.
● Cockpit voice recorder
● Flight data recording readout

Low visibility approach

● Optical illusion
● Benefit of Monitored approach
● Procedures for Monitored Approach

Accident Statistic

● Short landing accident explanation (ICAO)

Stabilized approach concept

● What happens if not stabilized during approach and landing?

Elements of stabilized approach

● correct flight path;
● small changes in heading/pitch
● speed within limits;
● correct landing configuration;
● sink rate
● power setting
● briefings and checklists conducted;
● criteria’s for different approaches

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