Emergency and Safety Equipment Training

emerEmergency and Safety Equipment Training

According Appendix 1 to JAR-OPS 1.965.a.3 following elements should be part of the annual recurrent training and checks for pilots (12/36 monthly)

1) General emergency procedures
● crew-briefing,
● crew coordination and work distribution
● positive and aggressive command
● duration of crew-authority
● expiration of equipment
● pilots incapacitation
● restraining of a pilot
● assisting in checklist-handling, etc

2) Locations of emerg. Equipment
Logo Gerhard Gruber Aviation● life vests, life-raft, water-barrier
● fire-extinguishers, hatchet, tool-set
● protective breathing equipment (PBE)
● flash lights, emergency-lighting
● first aid kit, mobile oxygen
● actual handling of pyrotechnical
● ELT`s, com-set
● pax-briefing-cards, survival-booklets, etc.

3) Use of oxygen
● criteria for mask-dropping
● average time of useful consciousness
● use of portable oxygen bottle, etc.

4) Crash landing
● cabin preparation, stowaway of loose articles, equipment latches
● briefing of pax, reseating of pax
● brace position
● location and operation of exits
● demonstration how to use slides
● handling of passengers, panic reduction
● signal to cabin personnel can be an oral command via public address or direct voice “BRACE FOR IMPACT” or a repeated on/off switching of the seatbelt signs (chimes).

5) Ditching
● landing-technique
● evacuation incl orders
● actual donning of a life-jacket, use of life-rafts

6) First aid
● contents and use of first aid equipment

7) Evacuation
● opening of all emergency exits 90/10 sec,
● ditching, ambulance flight, oper. Of slides
● order for an evacuation will be given by the flight crew with the oral command EMERGENCY-(DITCHING)-EVACUATE
● evacuation WITHOUT any order from the flight deck if
- no order received from the flight deck and no contact is possible
- ditching
- structural damage of major extent (e.g. fuselage broken into parts)
- fire of major extent

8) Fire fighting
● material / oxygen / heat
● extinguishing agents, bottle instructions
● actual handling of fire extinguishers,
● fire fighting procedures (with PBE)
● locate, attack, back up and guard fire
● smoke removal, etc.

9) Survival procedures
● polar, dessert, sea, mountain, jungle)

10) Emergency signals
● interception
● ground-air
● coded com. During unlawful interference
● survival equipment colors

11) Emerg. Aircraft flight checklist
● memory items, procedures for use

12) Dangerous goods
● documentation, general regulations
● kinds of dangerous goods, hazards
● handling during emergency, etc.

13) Security Procedures

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