Head of Aviation Training Organisation

Whether as basic training, refresher training or just to increase your knowledge, following aviation training courses can be offered:

Code Courses (Duration)

ACAS (3 hr) *
ALAR APP-/ Landing Acciden Reduction (1 hr)
BIRD Birdstrike Hazard (1 hr)
CFIT Avoidance (1 hr)
CONT Contingency Procedures (2 hr) *
COLD Cold Weather Operation (4 hr) *
CRMA Crew Resource Management Adv (4 hr)
DGRC Dangerous Goods (Crew / Loaders (4 hr) *
EGPW Enhanced Ground Prox Warning (3 hr) * available soon
EMER Emerg. and Safety Equipment Training
LVIS Low- Visibility Ground Ops (1 hr)
MNPS Operation (5 hr) *
NETO Non-ETOPS / EROPS (3 hr) *
PBN RNAV, B-RNAV and P-RNAV (3 hr) * available soon
RVSM International Operation (2 hr) *
SEC Security Training (Cockpit & Cabin) (3 hr) * available soon
VOLC Volcanic Ash Cloud Hazard(2 hr)


* Lesson is followed by a questionnaire

The tutorial portion of the course provides all the advantages of multimedia technology, tailored to provide a high level of training efficiency. Our seminars have a modular structure that can be shaped to fit the particular needs.

Minimum attendance: 3 persons

All training courses are available at locations selected by the customer.

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