ACAS – Airborne Collision Avoidance System Aircraft De-/Anti-Icing, Generic ALAR - Approach- & Landing Accident Reduction Birdstrike Hazard CFIT - Controlled Flight into Terrain Avoidance Contaminated Runway Contingency Procedures Crew Resource Management for Flight and Cabin Crews Kommunikations- und Medientraining Dangerous Goods (PK 8, 9, 10, 11) ERP - Emergency Response Plan Low Visibility Operation Minimum Eqipment List
MNPS- / NAT-HLA – Operation Non-ETOPS, Extended-range Twin-engine Operations PBN - Performance Based Navigation, RNAV Pilot Incapacitation RAAS - Runway Awareness and Advisory System Route and Aerodrome Qualification (Generic) RVSM – Reduced Vert. Separation Minima (International) SAR - Search and Rescue at Airports Smoke, Fire and Fume, Generic TAWS - Terrain Awareness Warning System (EGPWS) UPRT – Upset Prevention Recovery Training Volcanic Ash Cloud Hazard
Ground Trainings