netoNon-ETOPS / EROPS – Course Description

During this course you will learn about the operation of twin engine aircraft on extended long range flights. The lesson is in accordance to JAR-OPS 1.245 for business jets (below 100.000 lbs MTOM and max 19 passengers).

Audience: This course is intended for pilots and dispatchers.
Duration: 3 hours

Historic review

● Development of twin engine operation.

Regulations, definitions and procedures for

● Threshold time,
● Maximum diversion time,
● Area of operation,
● Adequate aerodrome,
● Suitable aerodrome,
● APU,
● Extended range entry point, extended exit point,
● ETOPS-segment,
● Equal time points,
● Inflight shutdown,
● ETOPS significant system,
● One engine inoperative cruising speed,
● Separate runways etc.

Requirements for system capability

● Electrical power, hydraulic power, pneumatic, APU, fuel system,

Maintenance requirements

● Monitoring and reporting,
● Release to service,
● EROPS checklist,

Flight planning

● Communication and navigation
● Fuel and oil supply,
● Alternate aerodromes,
● Aeroplane performance,
● Selection of routing,
● Weather requirements,
● Critical fuel scenario,
● Oxygen procedure,
● EROPS checklist

Flight procedures

● Preflight check,
● Progress monitoring,
● Equal time points,
● Fuel cross checks,
● Critical fuel check,
● Weather,
● Procedures for single and multiple failures,
● Diversion procedures, closest suitable alternate aerodrome,
● Drift down,
● Incapacitation of flight crew members

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